Wolverine F2D Mighty Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine F2D Mighty Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine F2D Mighty Film to Digital Converter – There is a misunderstanding that the only way to experience again memories from old slides and also downsides of our grandparents is to look for the help of a specialist but the Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Movie Converter (see most affordable price) aims to verify that this is not the case by providing a straightforward, easy to use device that can be utilized by anyone in your home and can handle all type of media.

This little box can check these negatives, slides as well as 8mm reels, transform them to electronic JPEGs or even put together videos that are compatible with both Windows and Mac. It sounds like it should be the ideal service to the trouble, however just what do purchasers assume?


What benefits have purchasers enjoyed when evaluating out this Wolverine 7-in-1 Movie Converter?

Several purchasers will have acquired this version for the pledge that it can supply excellent duplicates from 7 various kinds of old film as well as it seems to measure up to this case quite well. Negatives do appear to be even more of an issue compared to slides however exactly what is motivating is that a multitude of customers have actually efficiently transformed their family members’ old slides with little mistake and had success with Super 8 film.

Wolverine F2D Mighty Digital ConverterThe results are stated to be respectable and as expected provided the top quality of the originals. In addition, it appears that the results of the equipment are enhanced by a fairly user-friendly nature. It might look old-fashioned and “cumbersome” yet it does the minimum needed with no fuss.

There is no computer required, simply the scanner, loader and memory– either inner or through an SD card.

Recap: is this Wolverine scanner still recommendable for acquisition?

To figure out a final verdict we have to go back to words “decent”; this is a “respectable” upgrade on older versions with a “suitable” performance but there is still the suggestion that enhancements are there to be made. With a more up-to-date style, better controls for modifying the digital media and also a much faster packing speed probably more people would certainly want to give this five stars.

In the long run, there are two methods to check out this Wolverine slide scanner: either it is too time taking in for one job and it is much better to head to the professionals or it provides individuals a fun difficulty for all their slides in a relatively rapid as well as user-friendly manner. If you are searching for the last experience after that it could be for you.



Whether you’re a digital photography enthusiast that delights in collaborating with less-common movie layouts, or you finally have the time to digitize all of your valued memories from years previous, the F2D Mighty is a terrific choice. It easily works with one of the most widespread 35 mm style, as well as 110, 126, 127 and Super 8 film, and swiftly converts them. Nevertheless, if your old media collection is primarily included physical printed pictures, this gadget cannot help you– it’s for slides and also negatives just. In spite of this, exactly what it can transform, it does well.


The simple quick start overview takes you systematically with each step of establishing the device and also converting a picture with it. Browsing the menu is easy and also user-friendly since there are just a handful of feasible setups and all are clearly noted. The device includes premium plastic framework adapters that firmly hold your movie and slides for conversion without damaging them. The adapters are simple to utilize and assist in fast picture processing.

This slides to digital converter uses a high-resolution set electronic camera to catch photos in much less than 3 seconds. If you have hundreds of slides to transform, having such a fast-working system is a must.

Wolverine outfitted the F2D Mighty with a 20-megapixel resolution sensor. Many modern mobile phones capture up to 16MP pictures, and with its 20 MP sensing unit, the F2D Mighty could offer you high-grade digital images from your slides as well as downsides.

Although the Mighty does a respectable task of rendering shots of your downsides and slides, it does do not have an automatic scrape elimination function. Additionally, it does not had any kind of photo editing software, like some converters do. The direct exposure controls are practical, however, as they allow you to change the illumination degree of a picture to much better boost dark spots. In addition, if you already possess Adobe Photoshop or a comparable program, this isn’t really an issue.

Included in package, besides the slide converter, is a slide tray, power adapter, USB/power cable as well as cleansing brush. Additional accessories, like a 110-film tray or negative roll adapter, are readily available for this converter through Wolverine, yet you need to purchase them separately.


The portable style and also lightweight construct of this converter make it very mobile as well as very easy to maneuver. It weighs just half a pound. Additionally, the F2D Mighty has a standalone layout, so you could use it anywhere and also not need to count on it being linked to a computer system in order to function.

Compared with various other converters, the Mighty’s 20MB of incorporated storage space is a noteworthy feature given that you could not conserve photos directly to a computer system as they are checked. If you have a ton of media that needs scanning, merely wait to an SD card then transfer it to an external device.


I really, actually like the Wolverine F2D scanner. It’s little, lightweight, mobile, versatile, as well as gives me greater than good enough image quality. When taking movie to laboratories, I not should pay the occasionally excessive charges for scanning. Instead, I’ll simply do it myself at my own recreation in your home. As well as do it conveniently with greater than a sufficient photo top quality of what I need.

In cases where I need the absolute best scan, I would certainly most likely to a laboratory that can supply that item. But or else, I’m exceptionally pleased with the Wolverine. I make certain you will certainly be as well.

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